Land Use

Using available data for San Diego and comparative metropolitan areas, Insight San Diego measured the percentage of residents within a half-mile of a park, daily water use per-capita, and the number of LEED certified buildings in each area to develop the Land Use and Resources grade.

According to the American Planning Association, “parks are fundamental to many aspects of community prosperity.”(4) The park access indicator measures the percentage of residents within a half-mile of a park in San Diego and the comparative municipalities. Note that this indicator compares cities, not metropolitan areas.

Water use per capita according to the United States Geological Survey, is measured by county across the U.S. every five years. Although water use in different areas of the county can vary dramatically related to indoor vs. outdoor use due to climate in different regions, most of San Diego’s residential public water is used outdoors.(5)

LEED certified buildings, are designed to be more efficient at natural resource use, including water, energy, waste and building materials. (6)

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